Be Strong.
Be Fit.
Row Together.


Terra Firma Rowing is a boutique indoor rowing studio that offers strength & conditioning classes in a fun, energetic and supportive environment for people of all fitness levels. 


Terra Firma has fun and energizing 30-min or 50-min circuit training, group workouts on Concept 2 Indoor Rowing machines mixed with a variety of strength training exercises, all set to upbeat eclectic music. There are excellent workout options for all fitness levels. Motivating and supportive coaching to get you in shape and inspire you to reach your fitness goals.




Learn To Row

Required for all newcomers with no prior rowing experience. This class provides instruction on how to row, drills to practice, class etiquette and a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine overview with logbook.

30 min.

Endurance 50

Burn up to 750 calories in this 50-minute pure rowing session focused on technique, pace, and drill work 

50 min.

Blast 30

Intense, 30-minutes of intervals to crank up your day. This is a great class for experienced rowers looking for a workout that’s hard and fast.

30 min.

Zen Row

Bring a more mindful approach to your rowing experience. We connect with our stroke on the erg with a higher level of intention through meditation, bio-feedback drills and a variety of proprioception enhancing exercises.

30 min.

Total Body

Build a stronger body with these full body strength & conditioning workouts.

50 min.

Rates, schedule & signup

Drop-In ($20)

6 Classes ($99)

12 Classes ($180)

20 Classes ($280)


Personal Training & MAT

Personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques services provide our clients guidance, education and the actions necessary to restore motion and stability to the muscular system in a natural, safe and positive manner. We integrate cutting edge training concepts and unique coaching skills to create a truly individualized program that will improve and optimize your performance.


The services below are available for purchase as a single session, or packages of 5 and 10. 

Personal Training 60-min *(No MAT)

1($80), 5($385), 10($750)

Semi-Private Personal Training 60-min 

1($45), 5($200), 10($375)

Muscle Activation Techniques 60-min  

1($90), 5($430), 10($850)

What a great facility with knowledgeable instructors! Awesome indoor rowing with cross-training for the serious rower!
— Kadee R.
Rowing has been a great, new form of exercise for me. It has helped me strengthen my whole body and stay in shape during times that I couldn’t run.
— Tami S.
I am an exercise fanatic. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, Zumba, ballet, kick boxing, spinning and weight lifting. Injuries made me look for a routine that is easier on my joints and back. Through Jason, my trainer, I was introduced to rowing. It is the BEST overall workout ever and is good for all ages!
— Becky P.
Jason’s approach is direct and thoughtful, and simplifies personal training and makes it specific to each individual. His attention to detail and proper form yield smooth and steady results without injury. He and his wife Kelly have created a space that is modern, clean and inviting. His passion for healthy, human movement interposes each session. Jason faithfully pursues on-going education, which enhances each session and keeps classes fresh.
— Kristi H.
After 40 years of exercise classes, I injured my back weightlifting, and my shoulder in Yoga. I needed personal training. Jason is not only a creative trainer (in 2 years I’ve never had the same workout twice!), but his MAT therapy keeps my body tuned to perform at its best all the time. No more injuries and I’m in the best shape of my life.
— Becky P.
Jason’s rowing classes are hands down the best workout I’ve ever had. It’s not simply that rowing is the best exercise—easy on joints, works all parts of your body, including core, strenuously aerobic—it’s Jason and the new Terra Firma studio. Classes are small, so that you get personal instruction on form and there’s an easy camaraderie. The space is warm and inviting, the equipment superb. And Jason is the perfect instructor—patient, encouraging, intense and high energy, but low key. A tough combination to find that will keep me coming back as often as my schedule allows. And great location with good parking. A complete recipe for fitness success and a successful studio.
— Richard P.