The Terra Firma Crew


Terra Firma Rowing is owned and operated by husband and wife, Jason and Kelly Hoey.  Our crew is made up of professional, high energy, instructors who are experienced rowers, coaches and certified trainers.




Jason Hoey

TerraFirma Rowing started out as a desire to teach people how to row properly on an erg. I realized through my years as a personal trainer that the Concept 2 indoor rower was the most underused and misused pieces of equipment in the gym. I began taking classes and learning from skilled rowers and coaches on the importance of technique, pacing, and "enjoying yourself". I enjoyed the movement so much that it wasn't long before I took my efforts to the water and began learning to row in a boat. Not only have I seen numerous physical and mental benefits of indoor and outdoor rowing, but my clients have all taken to the sport of indoor and outdoor rowing with similar love and enthusiasm. I am committed to life-long learning, educating clients and helping to bolster an already blossoming rowing community in Ann Arbor, MI.


Kelly Hoey

Kelly is newer to rowing, but her 15 years of experience as a personal trainer help her to provide insightful ways to exercise on and off the erg with focus and  intention. When she is not trying to improve her rowing mechanics and endurance she is usually working on someone in the office using a type of modality called Muscle Activation Techniques.

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